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At just under 200 pages, this brief and engaging history of Boston’s North End begins in 1630 and continues to the present day. The author made extensive use of diaries, town records, original maps, and similar primary materials while writing the book, which also contains 92 portraits, photographs, maps, and other illustrations. The extraordinary people and colorful events chronicled in The North End will delight visitors to Boston and surprise local history buffs with new information.

The book is generally available online or in-store at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the publisher. If possible, please buy the book at a local, Boston shop, such as The Old North Church Gift Shop at 193 Salem Street, Gaudio Gifts & Souvenirs at 17 North Square -- next to the Paul Revere House (pictured above), Polcari's Coffee Shop at 105 Salem Street, the Otis House Museum at 141 Cambridge Street, or the Harvard Book Store or Porter Square Books in Cambridge. Thank you!




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